Bridge Cultures to Boost Collaboration and Accelerate Sales

A keynote/training by Joy Chen for all leaders and managers
Joy Chen keynote speaker former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles

"Bridge Cultures to Boost Collaboration and Grow Sales" with Joy Chen

Joy Chen offers this topic as a dynamic keynote, an engaging half-day workshop, or a comprehensive training program, backed by her skilled team at the Multicultural Leadership Institute. All programs available both in-person and online.

Keynote Description:

In today's rapidly shifting markets, the primary challenge for leaders is not only strategy development but its execution. This requires engaging, motivating, and mobilizing team members and clients from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

In this context, the skill to connect across cultures has emerged as a pivotal strategic edge for leaders today. It transcends typical leadership competencies, calling for a rich understanding of varied cultural landscapes and the agility to connect disparate perspectives to connect deeply with every individual.

Our speaker, Joy Chen, CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute, is a trailblazer in global cross-cultural leadership development. A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and executive recruiter for Fortune 500 CEOs and Board members, her leadership has spanned three continents and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, CNN and Vogue China.

Keynote Highlights:

  • Decode Cultural Influences: Delve into an insightful exploration of complex cultural and social dynamics in order to deepen your understanding of the invisible social forces that shape your cross-cultural teams and client relations.
  • Boost Individual and Team Productivity: Employ cultural and psychological insights to inspire peak performance in every team member. Develop skills to forge emotional connections across cultural boundaries, uniting your team towards collective success.
  • Deepen Client Bonds: Hone your skills to fluidly shift perspectives and adapt behaviors, improving your capability to connect with, inspire, and influence clients from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

"Bridge Cultures to Boost Collaboration and Grow Sales" is more than a keynote—it’s an immersive journey which equips you with the necessary tools to foster collaboration and expand market reach in today's dynamic business landscape. Utilize Joy's expertise to accelerate your journey as a multicultural business leader.

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Joy Chen 陈愉

A trailblazer in global leadership and cross-cultural market engagement

Joy Chen, CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI), is a trailblazer in global cross-cultural leadership development. A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and executive recruiter for Fortune 500 CEOs and Board members, her leadership has spanned three continents and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, and Vogue China.

As Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Joy led economic and workforce development for a culturally diverse city whose workforce speaks 90+ languages. Her initiatives, aimed at equipping Angelenos with the necessary skills for global economic success, endure as policy benchmarks. Transitioning to the corporate sphere, Joy joined Heidrick & Struggles and over seven years recruited global leaders across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The pivot to leadership development was serendipitously sparked by the success of Joy's leadership blog in China, launching her there as a keynote speaker, author, and training organization founder serving millions in Asia and the Americas.

At the Multicultural Leadership Institute, Joy and her team deliver training that integrates global leadership expertise with insights from across the social sciences, enabling audiences to connect across cultures to enhance collaboration and achieve ambitious growth targets.

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Voices of Success

"Joy is captivating! She brings a unique blend of cutting-edge research, real-life stories and practical insights. I’d recommend her as a leadership speaker for any convention."

Ngan Nguyen
Senior Vice President

"Joy connects deeply with the hearts and minds of every audience member, inspiring and equipping us all to stronger leadership."

Mia Newell

"Joy Chen is a strong and clear voice onstage. Her thought leadership is grounded in research and lived experience that makes for a compelling (and often, humorous!) listen. Her tailored content has propelled thousands of learners. The Multicultural Institute is a must-have resource for those committed to the development of leaders."

Angela Cheng-Cimini
Chief Human Resources Officer

"Before this course, I never really knew where to start unraveling my own invisible barriers to advancement. Through this course, I’ve found my roadmap. Now, I can confidently take back control and drive my career."

Peter Yo
Vice President

"I’ve done a ton of leadership training, seen many courses that rehash the same ideas, or are less actionable, or really long. Joy’s lessons are novel, and they cut to the chase, giving us only what we need to know. I’m super grateful for that."

Lian Huang
Senior Counsel

"Joy's program helps us to unlock the competencies we need to advance our careers, and to connect with other rising Asian leaders, so that we can uplift one another and others alongside us."

Brian Pang
Development Director

"The program provided me knowledge of roadblocks that I didn’t know existed, and that I can now overcome by being purposeful with my actions."

Heather Hansen
Global Consultant

"The program contains practical advice and tools we can use to succeed in corporate America. All are specific to the AAPI community and backed by research and data. It is really great!"

Helen Ahn
Associate Director

"This course made a huge difference in how I approach work. I’ve been sharing the techniques and lessons with coworkers who would find them useful."

Hedi Cho

"I highly recommend the Asian Leadership Accelerator by Joy. It was filled with incredible API-tailored knowledge and many helpful takeaways. I found so much value in the cohort interaction."

Bernice Chao
Creative Lead

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